Virgin Abis is a cannabis store on the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. While we wait on government legislation for the implementation of THC products, we are focused on providing the island community with high quality, effective, safe hemp and CBD products from trusted sources. Our store design takes inspiration from traditional West Indian architecture while providing a modern, boutique feel. This open layout welcomes you into the shop and showcases our handpicked, curated products.

The first word of our name relates to the Virgin Islands while the “Abis” is both a tribute to the cannABIS plant and the famed North and South Drop of the Virgin Islands plateau, where the water depth goes from 200 feet to the dark abyss (over 15,000 ft!) in a matter of moments. Our name is a tribute to the islands we call home, the plant we love, and the ocean that sustains us. We carry a variety of products to ensure that regardless of your chosen method of consumption, we have what you are looking for!

How we started

In early January of 2019, the Governor of the Virgin Islands signed the Medical Cannabis Patient Care Act (MCPCA) into law. At the time, Cynthia was co-owner of a local graphic design company, Oliver was an analyst at a hedge fund, and Teddy was about 1500 miles east of Antigua, competing in a trans-Atlantic rowing race (yes, rowing in a 28’ row boat). After hearing about the MCPCA via a weekly satellite call with Cynthia, Teddy began to occupy his rowing time with thoughts about entering the industry. Fast forward a few months to an action packed race day at the St. John Yacht Club, where Cynthia, Teddy, and Oliver found themselves on the same boat talking about plans for the future. Oliver, a life-long friend of Cynthia, expressed an interest in forming a partnership and Virgin Abis was born. After months of renovating the new space, reading hundreds of pages of literature, testing products and vetting brands, Virgin Abis opened its doors in December of 2019.

meet the crew


Co-Owner // The Style

Born: St. John, US Virgin Islands

Tart flavor: Coconut

Favorite strain: Skywalker // Hawaiian Haze // Mostly Sativa

Back to center: CBD + Pottery


Co-Owner // The Brains

Born: Lakeside, Arizona

Tart flavor: Pineapple

Favorite strain: Golden Lemons // Jack Herer // Any Sativa

Back to center: Cannabis + Cats


Co-Owner // The Looks

Born: St. John, US Virgin Islands

Tart flavor: Guava

Favorite strain: B R B - have to go try more

Back to center: CBN + Free Diving

what we stand for

Virgin Abis is not only committed to providing the highest quality products available, but we also strive to be a positive influence in our community. We plan to be actively involved with local non-profit groups, community improvement projects, and youth programs. We believe that the use of cannabis / hemp products is a natural right, and as such the profits from the sale of these products should be contributed towards the community we live in. We pledge to donate a portion of our net profits to community projects and foundations that share similar values to those held by the Virgin Abis team.