Authentic Hemp Salve - Settle 250 mg


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Authentic Hemp Salve - Settle 250 mg

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This 1 oz jar of Settle Salve is a gentle and mild Multipurpose topical balm for sensitive skin.** Made with Whole Hemp Extract from Certified Organic and Biodynamic Hemp, Organic and Ethically Wildcrafted Botanicals, and Organic Essential Oils. Authentic’s Settle Salve is a calming Multipurpose Hemp Balm that aims to be considered one of the highest quality, ethical, and authentic products available on the market today.**

  • Biodynamically Grown and Wildcrafted Botanicals | Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical way of gardening, farming, and living. We grow many of the botanicals that we incorporate into our products, harvesting, and drying them to retain the vital properties of each plant. This advanced formula contains:
    • Dandelion Flowers for its soothing nature;**
    • Arnica for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties,**
    • Calendula Blossoms for their skin healing qualities;**
    • John’s Wort for its nerve and irritation soothing properties.**
  • Steam Distilled Organic Essential Oils | Steam distillation methods are used to process organic aromatic plant material to isolate their concentrated therapeutic compounds (essential oils) from hydrosol. Essential oils have been studied and used therapeutically for thousands of years for a variety of purposes. We formulated out Settle Salve to bring relief to sensitive skin and included:
    • Lavender essential oil which has been used historically to bring relief to a variety of skin conditions, including: allergies, boils, abscesses, dermatitis, sensitive skin conditions and irritations.
  • Nourishing Certified Organic Base Oils and Butters | Our Settle Salve is rich in organic skin nourishing oils and butters that deeply penetrate the skin layer, acting as ‘carriers’ for our whole plant hemp extract and botanical formulation. We’ve included:
    • Olive Oil, a soothing oil, used throughout history in cosmetics as well as for rheumatic conditions;**
    • Hemp Seed Oil, rich in fatty acids and vitamins, this oil has been shown to reduce inflammation and improve moisture;**
    • Avocado Oil, a vitamin-rich, deeply penetrating carrier oil that is beneficial for dry and weathered skin;**
    • Coconut Oil, a rich and emollient oil, deeply conditioning for the skin;**
    • Shea Nut Butter, historically used to soothe a variety of conditions including chronic dryness, eczema, and dermatitis.** Shea Nut Butter is one of nature’s few rich skin butters that absorbs quickly into the skin,
    • Colorado Mountain Honey Beeswax, a natural hardening component to the salve which also carries skin nourishing benefit, in addition to aiding to the effectiveness of the formulation.


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