CBeerD Hemp Shot


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CBeerD Hemp Shot

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CBeerD is a Hemp Shot that – when added to any beer or cocktail – instantly infuses your beverage with 100mgs of USA-Sourced Full Spectrum Hemp.

CBeerD is federally legal in all states, as it contains less than .3% THC by volume. It’s designed to provide unique and desirable effects that will have you clamoring to try it again.

CBeerD is the first of it’s kind, and is a must-have for all herbal enthusiasts and craft beer aficionados. CBeerD also includes slight hemp taste – which pairs perfectly with many beer styles or cocktail recipes. Most popularly, people enjoy infusing CBeerD with IPAs (all styles)Pale AlesGosesImperial Stouts, and most Gin cocktails. It even pairs well with non-alcoholic drinks, too – like Seltzers!


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