Kana Sleeping Mask - Purple Rice


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Kana Sleeping Mask - Purple Rice

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For centuries, purple rice was known as ‘forbidden rice,’ set aside only for the Chinese Emperor and his royal family. Give your skin the royal treatment with a mask that uses purple rice and licorice root extracts to lock in natural moisture while smoothing texture and tone. Wake up to soft, supple and younger-looking skin.

Purpose: To increase skin firmness and create a soft, smooth skin canvas.

Good to Know: Packed with strong antioxidants. Green tea leaf water and cannabinoids in Purple Rice Sleeping Mask reduce skin inflammation overnight.

Good For:
» Inflammation and stressed skin
» Anti-aging
» Enlarged pores
» Uneven skin texture
» Wrinkles, fine lines

Please note: Purple Rice Sleeping Mask can range from a grey-ish purple hue to a pastel purple due to the natural color of Purple Rice Extract. Don’t panic. Your mask still has the same efficacy, regardless of the color differences!


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